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Vaginal balls Emotions Foxy turquoise

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Foxy vaginal balls to tone up intimate muscles. They will become a reliable "trainer" for those... mehr
Produktinformationen "Vaginal balls Emotions Foxy turquoise"
Foxy vaginal balls to tone up intimate muscles. They will become a reliable "trainer" for those who want to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, make them firm and elastic. It is especially important to regularly practice with balls for girls who want to recover from childbirth. We recommend adding lubricant before use. Get into a comfortable position. Insert the first ball gently, then insert the second. The convenient handle will allow you to easily remove the toy if necessary. The vaginal balls can be used for several hours, for example during sports or walking. Foxy vaginal balls are made of hypoallergenic silicone. The maximum penetration length is 7 cm. The maximum diameter is 2.6 cm.\nManufacturer: Lola Toys Emotions\nCountry of origin: China\nSplash proof: Yes\nWaterproof: Yes\nPacking: Box\nPacking dimensions: 14x7x5.5\nInner Diameter: No\nOuter Diameter: No\nThickness (mm): No\nCountry Russia\nVolume: No\nAroma: No\nNet weight: 66 g\nGross weight: 83 g\nWorking length: 7\nNumber of modes: No\nVibration: No\nBatteries: No\nMinimum Width: No\nMax Width: 2.6\nOverall length: 16.2\nBlue color\nSize: No\nMaterial: Silicone
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