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Masturbator Satisfaction Vibro Honeypot

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The flesh-colored Honeypot masturbator is able to excite and bring to orgasm any man. It is... mehr
Produktinformationen "Masturbator Satisfaction Vibro Honeypot"
The flesh-colored Honeypot masturbator is able to excite and bring to orgasm any man. It is designed as a female vagina. This intimate accessory was created from ultra-realistic Neoskin material. Gripping the penis tightly, the embossed inner texture will perfectly stimulate it along its entire length. For more active and strong stimulation, a vibro bullet is included. Insert it into the special hole on the back of the masturbator for additional stimulation. The total length of the masturbator is 16 cm, height - 8 cm, width - 16 cm, maximum diameter - 7 cm, hole diameter - 0.5 cm. The vibro-bullet is powered by 2AA batteries (not included).\nManufacturer: Lola Toys Satisfaction\nCountry of origin: China\nSplash proof: Yes\nWaterproof: No\nPacking: Box\nPacking dimensions: 16.5x9.5-9.5\nInner diameter: 0.7\nOuter Diameter: 7\nThickness (mm): No\nCountry Russia\nVolume: No\nAroma: No\nNet weight: 385 g\nGross weight: 454 g\nNumber of modes: Multi-speed\nVibration: Yes\nBatteries: AA (2 pcs.) Not included\nMin Width: 5\nMax Width: 7\nOverall length: 16\nColor: Flesh\nSize: No\nMaterial: TPE
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