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Tape Party Hard Wink Red

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Awesome loss of control! One of the reliable and proven ways to fix a partner is a ribbon -... mehr
Produktinformationen "Tape Party Hard Wink Red"
Awesome loss of control! One of the reliable and proven ways to fix a partner is a ribbon - refined, elegant, silk, it will add piquancy, make intimate intimacy passionate and bright, adding a little power and domination. The classic shape of the tape guarantees versatility, allowing it to be used equally well for tying both wrists and ankles, as well as using it as a gag or mask. The length allows the inventive lover to use it in a wide variety of circumstances. It has a smooth surface, so it does not burn and does not leave marks on the skin during fixation. This type of bondage is used for classic role-playing games and its use excites the partner in an incredible way. Total length 150 cm, width 7.5 cm\nManufacturer: Lola Games Party Hard\nCountry of origin: China\nSplash Resistant: No\nWaterproof: No\nPacking: Box\nPacking dimensions: 14x22x1\nInner Diameter: No\nOuter Diameter: No\nThickness (mm): No\nCountry Russia\nVolume: No\nAroma: No\nNet weight: 23 g\nGross weight: 42 g\nWorking Length: No\nNumber of modes: No\nVibration: No\nBatteries: No\nMinimum Width: No\nMaximum width: 7.5\nOverall length: 150\nColor: Red\nSize: No\nMaterial: Polyester
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