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Rods Party Hard Nude

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Party Hard collection Nude rods. This product is suitable for fashionable and explicit... mehr
Produktinformationen "Rods Party Hard Nude"
Party Hard collection Nude rods. This product is suitable for fashionable and explicit role-playing games. No one will remain indifferent to the proposed graceful curves and explicit elements. The rods are easy to control, but at the same time, they are applicable for strong impacts on BDSM sessions. Total length: 60 cm. Material: PU, Wood\nManufacturer: Lola Games Party Hard\nCountry Russia\nGross weight: 35 g\nWorking Length: No\nMax Width: 0.5\nOverall length: 60\nBlack color\nMaterial: PU, Wood\nPacking: Cardboard backing\nPacking dimensions: 72x13x0.5\nCountry of origin: China\nSplash Resistant: No\nWaterproof: No\nInner Diameter: No\nOuter Diameter: No\nThickness (mm): No\nVolume: No\nAroma: No\nNet weight: 26 g\nNumber of modes: No\nVibration: No\nBatteries: No\nMinimum Width: No\nSize: No
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