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Holster Party Hard Romello Black

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The Romello silicone chastity belt allows the key holder to keep their partner's sexual... mehr
Produktinformationen "Holster Party Hard Romello Black"
The Romello silicone chastity belt allows the key holder to keep their partner's sexual satisfaction under control. The chastity belt is suitable for long-term wear. It is possible to carry out hygiene procedures without removing the belt thanks to the holes on the side walls. It also has a central functional urinary opening. The set includes a metal lock with keys, as well as disposable plastic “Ziplockâ€ï† locks (3 pcs). Thanks to the plastic locks, the belt will not ring and will not create inconvenience when passing through the frame of metal detectors (for example, at train stations or airports). The Romello chastity belt is available in One Size. The strap at the base allows you to find the perfect fit. Belt diameter: 3 cm. Material: Silicone\nManufacturer: Lola Games Party Hard\nCountry of origin: China\nSplash proof: Yes\nWaterproof: Yes\nPacking: Box\nPacking dimensions: 18 x 9 x 5\nInner diameter: 3\nOuter Diameter: 3.5\nThickness (mm): No\nCountry Russia\nVolume: No\nAroma: No\nNet weight: 46 g\nGross weight: 65 g\nWorking length: 9\nNumber of modes: No\nVibration: No\nBatteries: No\nMinimum Width: No\nMax Width: 3\nOverall Length: 12.5\nBlack color\nSize: One Size\nMaterial: Silicone
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